Over the years, the Parks signature has come to present conscientious, successful development and management of properties, combined with a firm commitment to the community we serve. We believe that to bring a project to fruition, three elements must coincide: personal commitment, vision and teamwork.

Personal Commitment

The Parks Companies’ resume is a long one. We are proud, however, of our policy of concentrating on only two or three of our own major projects at one time. Limiting our commitment actually deepens it, by providing focused attention to the multitude of details and communications that a properly managed effort demands. Our policy also ensures profitability.


The Parks Companies selects sites that are rich with potential. Our goal is to apply practical imagination to every phase of the planning process. Being visionary means conceiving the sites functional, economic, aesthetic and environmental potential. We then find creative ways to accomplish that vision – balancing the dream with reality and a concern for the future. To this end, the Parks Companies employs experts in various fields to research the possible environmental and economic impact of projects before they get off the ground. We pay close attention to the recommendations of such studies, to ensure successful results.


Our projects are as varied as the sites we select, and each requires a project team that is both flexible and consistent in its approach. Unlike companies that are structured vertically, our organization consists of a consortium of individuals who represent some of the best talent available in many fields. As a result, we can assign to each project a team of associates and consultants that are uniquely qualified to manage the job creatively and expediently.